GTOptions Review: An Honest Binary Options Broker Review

GToptions Review

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Conclusion: There are many binary options brokers out there to choose from like Stockpair and Ubinary that actually let you withdraw your money when you request it. I therefore see no reason to register with a broker that appears to have a clear track record of withholding payments from traders.



GTOptions Summary
Founded 2011
Normalized profit Up to 85%
Trading assets Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Indices
Total assets 71
Min. Account size $ 250
Min. Trade size $ 25 ($5 with 60 seconds)
Special features Call / Put, Option Builder, One Touch, 60 sec, Sell back options (Binary Meta)
Trading Platform Spotoption.

GTOptions is the property of EUFALA INVESTMENTS LTD who is registered in Cyprus. They started operation in mid 2011, and have been going on strong ever since.
They are not one of the largest binary options brokers currently in operation, and this is evident by the modest 71 asset portfolio, including:

  • 13 FOREX Currency pairs
  • 7 Commodities
  • 24 Indices
  • 27 stocks in various markets including Nasdaq and the European Markets


Registering an Account

As always, registering an account is very simple, and only requires minimal details. Once entered, you can browse the website like a regular trader, including seeing many features not visible for non-registered vistors. In order to be able to put in a trade with GToptions, you’ll need to deposit some funds. The minimum required deposit for trading with GToptions is $250.

User Interface

GTOptions has implemented the Spotoption trading platform into their website. They have worked hard to give it a good feel, and admittedly have done a pretty good job. The initial page layout is very clean and not too packed, even though it does include a lot of information. The bottom of the screen, as usual, provides a great deal of information and educational tools for beginner traders.

The interface is currently available in three (3) languages: English, French and Russian.

Main Trading Page

The initial trading page consists of 5 different platforms, which we’ll go into later in the review. The main standard binary options trading page consists of 4 graphs, listed one after the other. Each of the graph behaves independently and you can enter a trade in all of them simultaneously should you choose. The assets are organized pretty neatly, so as to make it easy to find the asset you’re looking to trade at any time.

GTOptions - Main trading screen


As mentioned earlier, making a trade is pretty easy: You simply click the call or put buttons and choose how much you want to invest. You can use each separate graph to put in a separate order at any time. It’s really useful having 4 independent graphs for this.
The payout rates are anywhere between 70% and 85% depending on the asset, with most the assets in the 70-79% range having an “insurace” rate, which is basically a rebate if your option ends out of the money.

GTOptions Making A Trade

The one thing I didn’t like about the GTOptions platform is that the refresh rate of the stocks is a bit slow. This means that the price you see on the main page is not necessarily the most current price. This is understandable since it is a web-based platform, but is still something that GTOptions should work on improving. When entering a trade however, GTOptions minimizes slippage by giving you the most up-to-date by the second price of the asset in question. It then gives you 2 seconds to either approve or cancel the trade. This is because, like I said, the new price can differ from the price on the main page and the trader might not still be interested in moving forward on the trade.

GTOptions - Trade Approval



GTOptions offers a number of support channels, including live chat in a number of languages, telephone support in Canda, UK and Russia, and of course email support. I of course went ahead with the online chat.
Response was acceptable, while not being totally stellar. It took just over a minute before someone actually came onto the chat screen and started answering. That being said, once the chat started, the answers came very fast and it was apparent that the support person knew what she was talking about.

Update: I had some good experiences withdrawing winnings from GTOptions in the past. However, due to the sheer number of complaints I have been receiving recently and complaints I have been seeing on the web, I am starting to think I am in the minority. Therefore it would seem that my review of the support does not properly represent how they really are.

Unique Features

GToptions - Features

GTOptions offers the usual Spotoption feature portfolio.

Option Builder – By far my favorite feature of all the binary options trading tools. Options builder lets the trader decide on the important features of the options in question. The trader chooses exactly when the option should expire and, the best feature, what the in the money and out of the money payouts will be. I just love the fact that you can choose the risk/reward ratio of the option. This enables less experienced traders to lean back on a higher fallback payout while still getting a very reasonable payout upon winning. Like I’ve mentioned in other reviews, this feature is also handy when the trader takes a bonus upon depositing, as they usually require a certain trading volume for liquidation. Increasing your odds and OTM payout makes it easier to achieve this trading volume

GToptions -Options BuilderGTOptions - Options Builder 2
One Touch only works during the weekends. The binary options needs only to reach (or touch) the strike price once during the week following the purchase for the option. Once this happens, the option immediately becomes in the money and will expire profitable. The profit percentage depends on how far the strike price is from the security at the time of purchase. Payouts for One Touch options vary from 280% to 640% (!!)

GTOptions - Onetouch


I’m not a big fan of the 60 seconds trading feature, but I do know that a lot of you out there do fancy it so I’m mentioning it here. The upside to the 60 second option is that the minimum investment is lowered to $5 per trade, as opposed to the regular $25.

GTOptions - 60 Sec

Binary Meta is the familiar advanced Spotoption trading platform. With GTOptions, the Binary Meta platform allows you to perform Roll-over and Double-up actions upon trades before expiration, in order to maximize profits and hopefully minimize losses.

GTOptions The Binary Meta

Payouts and Commissions

Payouts with GTOptions differ according to the trading asset and tool. Regular options have a 70%-85% payout, with Forex assets usually offering a higher payout. The lowers payout assets however offer “insurance payouts” which make the normalized payouts for other assets like stocks around 81%. This is considered pretty good, and it is always good to have the option of a rebate.

The high yield payouts of the one-touch options are also very good at 280% up to 640%, which is pretty astronomical. Keep in mind that these payouts are high for a reason, as One Touch options are somewhat riskier than regular options.

UPDATE: Despite my good experience with GTOptions, I cannot ingnore the constant flow of complaints and bad reviews that they are getting from traders that seem to have been burnt by them. I have also seen many complaints on other websites, which I simply cannot ignore. For this reason I cannot reccomend GToptions as a broker to trade with. There are many other good brokers to choose from, and I would recommend using one with a better track record.


GTOptions offers a very good, stable, attractive and accurate trading platform.  It’s a pity however that they’ve decided to join the league of non-responsive non-paying brokers.

Conclusion: There are many binary options brokers out there like to choose from like Stockpair and Ubinary that actually let you withdraw your money when you request it. I therefore see no reason to register with a broker that appears to have a clear track record of withholding payments from traders.


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18 Responses to “GTOptions Review: An Honest Binary Options Broker Review”

  1. hello. please has anyone used this site before? i contacted them and wishes to start up something here but it seems it is not real so i decided to ask the masses. can anybody help ke? i dont wana put money into a scam site so please help me. the person working there has called me several times for me to just deposit. i think in one of the conversations he promised to help me make it up to the minimum. i am very scared so please help me. but for i checked it and scamadviser said it is trusted and other comments show that it is safe….so please help me thanks.

      1. All employees use the same email address,
      2. They are very arrogant and ignorant with only their own motives in mind,
      3. They will lure you in slowly, teach you nothing and simply tell you what to do, not teaching you at all.
      So go ahead if you don’t ever want to see your hard earned cash again. Once you deposit, it will be gone forever!

  2. also please is a scam or real site for brokers….i am a novist here and wana do something for myself. please help me: is it a real site? has anybody tried them before? are they paying?

  3. I’ve personally never heard of Winoptions before and therefore cannot give an honest opinion of them. I’ll do some digging and see what I can find.
    GTOptions is pretty good. They’re definitely not a scam, as in they do not manipulate pricing and they will acknowledge withdrawal requests if you abide by their terms.

    What that means is that you need to be careful NOT to accept bonuses without fully understanding what the consequences can be. For more info on that, read:

    One of their biggest advantages however over other brokers is that if you open a real trading account and make the minimum deposit (I think it’s $250 or so), you can also open an additional practice demo account with a $50,000 balance. It’s really useful for new traders to learn the ropes and play around with trading before actually diving in with real money.

    Whichever broker you choose to go with, I think we would all appreciate it if you could take some time to write about your experiences in our forum:

  4. GT options is fraud.There is absolutley no way to get your money back.I already submitted for withdrawl request twice.Now they are asking me to contact chat , chat is asking me to contact account manager , he again pushes me to chat.No positive sign yet.I am trying for the last 2 months.

    • Hey dr.
      I’m sorry to hear that.

      If you could send me your details and perhaps username, I could try to contact my account manager there and see if I could help you.


    • Same with me, since August 2014, it’s now December 2014, 4 months and no approval for my withdrawal even though a made $3,400 extra from depositing $6,000 (account total $9,400), I’m only allowed to withdraw $3,400 due to the bonus (which the lie to you and call it insurance). They still don’t even approve $3,400 that I continuously request.

      1. All employees use the same email address,
      2. They are very arrogant and ignorant with only their own motives in mind,
      3. They will lure you in slowly, teach you nothing and simply tell you what to do, not teaching you at all.
      So go ahead if you don’t ever want to see your hard earned cash again. Once you deposit, it will be gone forever!

      • SCAMMERS !!!! SCAMMERS !!! and more SCAMMERS !!!
        That’s who they are at GToption.

        A smooth talking broker or should I say a “gambler” by the name of Peter Johnson
        blatantly scammed me $5,000. After he convinced me to deposit he made me great promises to double my money in 2 weeks. He even gave me a 100% guarantee that my money is protected with a $5,000. bonus which he termed as an insurance to protect my investment…WHAT A STINKING LIE !! When he recklessly gambled away most of my money except for a few hundred dollars I asked for a withdrawal only to be told I have zero amount to withdraw because of the bonus money that was added to my account.

        I would like to state here that I had no idea how the bonus worked. My smooth taking broker conned me to believe otherwise. Yes, they teach you nothing, all he did was caledl me and executed only losing trades. The trades always seem to have gone in the opposite direction. I honestly believe that the platform was heavily compromised. Everything is rigged so you can only lose your money.

        At Gtoptions there is no winning….it didn’t matter what trades were taken, they were always losing trades. …There were too much manipulation of trades…some things didn’t seem right…THEY ARE A BUNCH OF FRAUDSTERS!! They lie about where they are located… They said that they are located in England…that is bull shit. For all I knew they could be calling you from some mud puddle, back yard ally way in Africa or from the mountain top of Timbuktoo.

        PEOPLE PLEASE stay away from this broker…they are liers, they deceive you to get your money. You have no chance in hell of ever getting your money back.
        I just read that anymore can become a broker if you can managed to come up with $20,000. to start you brokerage company especially in these third world countries like Cyprus where they all hail from. They classified them as bucket shops. They are all working in cohorts with all of these crooked
        affiliates to con you to sign up with their useless and worthless softwares.

        These Scam brokers are not regulated so they are getting away with murder.
        I do believe there are good brokers out there but they are few and far apart.
        So all of the people at Gtoptions should be jailed for the crimes they are committing to unsuspecting innocent people.

        I hope they get what they deserved…..for what they sow, they surely will reep.

  5. Roy, I am in the same situation as dr.
    Roy have you been able to withdraw money from them??

  6. In all honesty Shae, I have been able to withdraw.
    Please register on our forum and write some details of your situation.
    I’ll show this to my account manager and make sure they take care of it.

    One of the main reasons I opened this site and the forum is on order to try to mediate and help in these situations.

    From my experience, these types of things are usually due to misunderstandings or somehow connected to acceptance of bonuses.
    You can also PM me on the forum if you need any advice or have any more questions afterwards.

  7. GTOptions is a completer scam, stay away from every account manager they have, they will take weeks and months
    just to get a reply about your withdrawal. Stay Away. dont trust any of the comments on this page. Theres plenty of
    of other broker accounts. Gtoptions only cares about your deposit. There trick is for you to make a deposit so they
    can help you win just a few trades and then they will lead you to lose all your money so they can ask you to make
    another deposit. STAY AWAY, you have been warned. goodluck out there..

  8. Yeah well, initially they were a good broker.
    It would appear however that they are no longer a good broker that can be recommended. The sheer number of complaints I am getting has lead me to change my opinion on this broker. While it would appear they were a good broker when I traded with them, it looks like they have moved over to sketchy practices, per the complaints I am getting from other traders. There are other brokers like 24option or Stockpair which have great track records and are known to be trustworthy brokers. No sense registering with a broker that has such a bad record.

  9. Don’t use GTOptions. You can’t get your money out. It is a fraud. At first, I thought they were ok. I got advice from their agents on when and where to invest. Their advice was usually bad. The biggest losses I suffered was due to the advice of their agents. When I tried to get what was left of my original investment out, I couldn’t get anything. Don’t listen to them. Don’t get involved with these people. It is a scam.

  10. anonymous

    I am going to file a complaint against GToptions to get my money back… they are so fraud in their promotion, they lied and and they trick you into deposit more money when they lose all your money. Only takes 1 complain to the SEC and they will lose thier license to take US Client.. Anyone who has more then $5,000 deposit and can not get their money back please feel free to file a compliant the more everyone file the more SEc will sent an Agent there…They manage ract like they your friend but only to steal your money, that is so not professional..

    • Who is the SEC?
      Where can we file a complaint?
      I’ve made a deposit of $6,000.

  11. They are a scam and you will not get your money back I had 3 requests in to get my 11,000 back and they always want me to deposit more money…. Do Not Invest with them if you ever want to see your money back

  12. chris donovan

    I invested $250.00 and opened an account since December I have requested a refund a number of times and never get an answer is there an agency to Contact? who will oversee these types of situations, I didn’t get any bonuses and want my money back could you help me.


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